Yawning Man

Interview with Gary Arce 2006

conducted by Erik Davies

"In October 2005, I conducted an interview with Gary for stonerrock.com. That interview is linked to this site as well, thank you Annie. So in April 2006 I wanted to follow-up with Gary, see how their second tour in Europe went, see what the future holds with his music. And here it is ..."

Erik: How was the recent and longer jaunt through Europe this past February/ March?

Gary: Really cool. I was real fortunate to have seen Europe during the winter. Germany has some very moody landscapes. I really like Germany. Nice people. Belgium as well. Beautiful country. Hopefully our music opened up some minds.

Erik: There was discussion about some new Yawning Man material- another EP. How is that progressing?

Gary: There was some new Yawning Man material written but never recorded and rarely practiced so I will most likely be recording those songs I have written along with Billy Cordell's new ideas along with Bill Stinson on drums and recording those songs and ideas under a different name.

Erik: Any plans to play some more one-off gigs locally soon. I know there was word about Yawning Man playing the Desert Rock Fest 2006, which ended up not being accurate.

Gary: No. I really feel more comfortable writing and playing at home. Playing live once in a while is cool or to maybe play new material or to tour a new album. As far as the Desert Rock Fest, I didn't know too much about that.

Erik: Can we expect the double album The Birth of Sol Music to see the light of day this year?

Gary: I really wish it would just be put out. It's really frustrating seeing that music sit there. That whole era of Yawning Man is a true reflection of what was happening in the desert during the mid to late 80's. We were so fresh to our instruments and naive to anything outside the desert and not even remotely interested in record labels or publishings and percentages and the all business end of music. It's ironic how now that someone is actually interested in its release. The one thing that we never cared of or thought of is now holding the release back. It's really fucked. Especially from the song-writer's point of view.

Erik: The live DVD just came out, packaged with Rock Formations. Have you seen how it turned out? Your thoughts?

Gary: No I have just seen a couple of minutes of it. Although I was really happy when my little boy Noah took Rock Formations to school for show and tell. Now he can take a DVD as well.

Erik: What are your thoughts about supporting the Ten East and The Perfect Rat projects? Playing locally/ Europe, etc…

Gary: It's real hard to say. Ten East and The Perfect Rat are all musicians involved with their own personal bands and projects. And as for myself, Mario, Greg, Bill and Brant, to all coincide our schedules for any length of time is super hard. But we will see what happens. It would be nice to support those recordings. Ten East would most likely be the project to do a short tour if it happened.

Erik: I understand you've just relocated from La Quinta to Palm Desert. Any particular reasons?

Gary: No reason at all. They are within 10 minutes of each other. But we are planning to relocate out of California soon. My wife and I were both raised here since childhood and the desert has pretty much vanished and has turned into a golf course wasteland with gated communities and franchises on every corner. It's disgusting. The charm it once had with open deserts and quiet evenings has been replaced by Cadillacs, traffic and construction sites.

Erik: Across The River was a project that included Mario Lalli, Scott Reeder, and Alfredo Hernandez, is that right?

Gary: Yes that's right. With Mark Anderson on guitar as well.

Erik: Did they ever release anything officially, to your knowledge?

Gary: They had a demo tape and did record live once at an outside music festival with Saccharine Trust and Firehose but it never got released.

Erik: Is there any chance anyone could ever get you to play Catamaran live ever again?

Gary: Maybe one day. But I have so many new ideas I feel that to take the time to show someone that song is time I could be working on my newer songs. On "The Birth of Sol Music," Catamaran is actually not really one of my personal favorites. Devil's Ladder, Change For a Beggar, Three Legged Table, Friends of Mine, Fires of Papas Chile, But all six are songs I really like a lot more.

Erik: Have you heard Scott Reeder's new solo album?

Gary: No I haven't.

Erik: It's a very well done, very personal record. Over the years did you ever play with Scott Reeder in any of these desert projects? I met him briefly at CBGB's in 2002 when he was still with Unida, and the rumor is that he's one of the nicest people on the face of the earth. AND a superb bass player.

Gary: No I never had a chance to play with Scott. Although I have known him over half my life it's just never happened. He is a really nice person. Super mellow.

Erik: Are you contemplating anything else cool we should know about, a solo album perhaps?

Gary: My wife and I, Deanna, are having another child, So we are real busy these days preparing. Musically ECHO FRIENDLY APPROACH is the next thing I will be focusing on. It's the newer Yawning Man songs never recorded along with other material I have been coming up with along with Billy Cordell and his new ideas. Bill Stinson will be on drums. For those people who dig Yawning Man they will probably like this as well. Same spacious vibe, enviro-friendly, dark, moody, instrumental music. I really also want to thank Miguel from Alone Records for giving me an outlet to record and release my music. Its really cool to be able to call my friends to jam and record and 3-4 months later its released in Europe. I am real lucky. Thanks again.

Erik: And thank you Gary. We all look forward to all the new desert music we can expect later this year. And thank you for your time on this piece.